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Specialty Services

We offer a range of focused services to support your program evaluation process

Logic Model

A logic model is a visual summary of what your program does. We use a collaborative process to ensure the logic model accurately reflects your program as well as meets the needs of both development and program staff. Traditional logic models include components such as inputs, outputs, outcomes, activities, impact, and so on. We customize the logic model, to ensure the components that are a true reflection of your program are included. We also ensure your model aligns with your brand identity, using the colors and style that align with your brand message.



Already have completed surveys from participants and no time to create the report? We can do that. Need an expert to provide feedback on your survey design? We can do that. too. From design to analysis, and anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. We will make sure you’re asking the right questions, the right way, and at the right time, so that you’re getting the data you need to move forward.

Data Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words. We help you define the key points you want to communicate, and develop how to illustrate them. We apply data visualization in the logic model, program design, and reports.

Literature Review

A comprehensive literature review digs deeply into your topic. It is an effective method to learn from others who have developed programs before you. We ensure your questions are answered, so you can use the literature review results as a springboard to launch a new program, expand a current one, and/or supplement development efforts.

Chari worked collaboratively with us to create tools that are sustainable and scalable.

Chari worked collaboratively with us to create an evaluation plan and tools that are sustainable and scalable. Her efforts provided us with a product we and our stakeholders will benefit from program year over program year.

Elaine Charpentier Philippi, Executive Director, In4All

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