Empowering Nonprofits Through Data


We help nonprofits transform questions into data, data into insight, insight into action—and action into success

A Custom-Fit Approach

No two organizations are alike. Evaluation into Action offers a range of program planning and evaluation services to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and levels of experience.

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The Evaluation into Action Method

We Start with Design

Before we even begin implementation, we make sure we can answer key questions about the evaluation needs of the organization. “What?”, “Why?”, and “How.”

  • Discovery

    Identify program elements and how they relate to evaluation.

  • Plan

    Define program goals, activities, measurable outcomes and methodology to evaluate.

Then We Implement the Realistic Plan

We’ll assess your organization’s unique needs and capacities, setting you up for success in collecting, managing, analyzing, and reporting key findings and insights.

  • Collect

    Create tools to gather data and establish project management process.

  • Manage

    Establish a realistic system to store data.

  • Analyze

    Examine patterns and meaning.

  • Report

    Synthesize into user-friendly document.

To Use Actionable Findings

We demystify the program evaluation process to generate findings you can use to share and improve your programs.

  • Communicate

    Determine how results will be communicated to stakeholder groups.

  • Improve Programs

    Apply data-based decision-making to strengthen programs.

  • Support Development

    Identify data needed to support fundraising efforts.

Program evaluation does not end with the report.

Utilization, or making practical and effective use of the information, is the most important piece of the process.

No matter what your data show you, they will empower you to make better decisions and lead your organization forward in the right direction.

We look forward to more opportunities to tell our story through data.

“Chari, thank you for your bringing your expertise and passion for evaluation to the Detroit PAL Team. We appreciate the coaching and the reports we developed together, sharing the impact of our programs on our youth and the community. We look forward to more opportunities to tell our story through data.”

Fred Hunter, CEO, Detroit Police Athletics League (PAL)

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