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We’ll create and implement a program evaluation plan

For the nonprofit who needs a virtual staff member to perform program evaluation, we will work collaboratively through all nine steps of the Evaluation into Action Method to ensure that your needs are met. We’ll also coach you on how to best utilize your plan.

Hands-On Program Evaluation is:

  • Collaborative and On-Site
  • Effective and Transformative
  • A Unique Learning Opportunity

Chari proved to be a thoughtful, kind, and effective partner.

As Founder and CEO of Brown Hope, I had the opportunity to work with Chari Smith on our theory of change and program evaluation strategies in the early stages of creating this nonprofit. Chari proved to be a thoughtful, kind, and effective partner in developing a collaborative approach that included input from both organizational leadership and the staff who managed our programs. I'm proud to say that today Brown Hope has a theory of change with four core strategies and evaluation metrics that will confidently inspire healing justice in Portland and beyond. Our success is in part thanks to Chari Smith.

Cameron Whitten, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Healing Officer, Brown Hope

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